Cub Scouts - Pack 91
Pack outings are a central part of scouting in Pack 91. From hiking and camping to service projects and cultural excursions, our outings allow Scouts to explore new environments, learn practical skills, and build bonds with fellow Scouts.

Upcoming Outings

Stay updated on our planned outings for the year by checking our . We provide the dates, locations, and a brief outing description.

Parent Information

Parents and guardians may have questions or concerns about pack outings. Here's what you need to know:
Safety: The safety of our Scouts is our top priority. Trained adult leaders supervise all our outings following the BSA's "Guide to Safe Scouting" guidelines.
Preparation: Before each outing, we'll provide a detailed packing list, including required gear, clothing, and personal items. We typically meet to discuss the outing, review safety rules, and answer any questions.
Participation: Parents and guardians are often welcome to join our outings as participants or volunteers. If you're interested, please contact us.
Cost: Some outings may involve additional costs like entrance fees, food, or special equipment. We aim to keep these costs as low as possible and will always communicate them well in advance.
Permissions: We require written parental consent for all outings. Specific forms will be provided before each outing.
Help us make outings possible:
Pack outings rely on the support of our Scout families and community. There are many ways you can help:
Volunteer: Assist in planning or chaperoning outings.
Donate: Consider contributing to our equipment fund or sponsoring a specific outing.
Fundraise: Participate in our fundraising efforts to offset outing costs.
For more information about pack outings, or if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help make your child's scouting experience as enriching and enjoyable as possible!
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